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Embedded Finance

FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps

16th May 2023

Convene at 22 Bishopsgate, London

Join us to explore the how and the why of what it means to offer seamless access to tailored financial products.  The landscape is wide open and highly competitive. Discover why embedded finance is breaking down barriers and changing financial services and beyond.

The event will be co-located with Future Identity Finance 2023 and all attendees will have access to both events.

FTT Embedded Finance North America 2022

December 1st, 2022 at the Grand Hyatt at SFO, San Francisco, CA (Live – 9AM PT)

Discover FTT Embedded Finance North America, the live event based in San Francisco that will bring together the community of +400 innovators of financial and non-financial brands as they explore newly chartered pathways to deliver financial services.

The Future of Financial Services is Everywhere

Powered by Marqeta

Embedded Finance has been deemed the $7 trillion dollar opportunity. It is a step change in the evolution of the financial services industry. It opens up a whole new world of potential non-financial providers, where financial services can be embedded in a seemingly limitless range of activities.   

Fintech Talents Festival 2022

14th & 15th of November 2022 at The Brewery, London (Live 9AM-GMT)

Fintech Talents 2022 will feature over 2,000 live festival goers, 6 stages of live content across 2 days, including FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps. Must-attend festival of visionary ideas, practical innovation and deep dives into solving industry problems from a wide spectrum of financial services.


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