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5th October, 2023 | London


Embedded finance is teeming with possibilities and catalysing creative customer solutions across every industry. To explore this topic, NatWest Boxed and VC Innovations, the architects of Fintech Talents, brought together a unique and highly engaged community at an exclusive event in London.

Embedded finance, by definition, requires the collaboration of a diverse set of partners and that diversity was well represented through the industry speakers and experts in attendance.

2023 Key themes


Explore the possibilities of embedded finance to provide customers with the financial products they both want and need, just when they need them. Financial services, however, is a complex business. Understand how the right BaaS provider can underpin the safe, compliant, agile, and sustainable provision of financial products and services for end users.


Consumer behavior is changing and the expectation of being able to access what you need without encountering friction is here to stay. Understand the dynamics of non-financial brands as growing distributors of financial services. Embedding financial products into customer or employee journeys is an opportunity to leverage customer relationships to drive better outcomes, whilst creating new revenue streams.


The ability to offer a wider range of financial products and services to end users poses both strategic and technical questions. Understand how fintechs and non-financial brands are building out the customer proposition and sourcing the right partners to help them deliver a broader range of choice to end-users.

2023 Rockstar speakers

Josh Fabian-Miller
Managing Director - Credit
Andrew Ellis
NatWest Boxed
Danielle Anderson
Executive Leader, Board Advisor, Customer Experience and Digital
Ravinder Lall
Head of Product
Simon Harris
Chief Growth Officer
Tom Bentley
Head of Growth
NatWest Boxed
George Toumbev
NatWest Boxed
Ed Ackerman
Chief Customer Officer
Kam Chana
Head of Future FS Lab
Royal College of Art
Amit Malik
Supervisory Board Member

2023 agenda

16:00 – 16:30 Arrival and registration

16:30 – 16:40 Welcome & opening remarks: Introducing NatWest Boxed

Andrew Ellis, CEO, NatWest Boxed

16:40 – 17:15 – What components are needed to build a strong embedded finance strategy

Consumer facing fintechs are well positioned to understand what their customers need. Expanding the range of services that they offer to customers can drive increased customer lifetime value, stickiness and omnichannel sales. What are the types of financial products and services that deliver value both in terms of what customers want and need, and future revenue streams. Hear from innovative fintechs as they discuss what is needed to take the next steps in their product strategy.

  • George Toumbev, CCO, NatWest Boxed (moderator)
  • Simon Harris, Chief Growth Officer, ekko
  • Ed Ackerman, Chief Customer Officer, Qover
  • Kam Chana, Head of Future FS Lab, Royal College of Art
  • Amit Malik, Supervisory Board Member, EBRD

17:15 – 17:50 – How do financial services and consumer brands join forces to create compelling customer moments

Behind the simplicity of seamlessly creating and distributing financial products is a lot of complexity. Fintechs and retailers share how they choose the right partners to deliver complex products in a cost-effective, compliant, safe, and internally sustainable manner with the customer at the heart of the proposition. What is a compelling customer moment in the context of Embedded Finance?

  • Tom Bentley, Head of Growth, NatWest Boxed (moderator)
  • Danielle Anderson, Executive Leader and Board Advisor, Customer Experience and Digital
  • Josh Fabian-Miller, Managing Director – Credit, Currys
  • Ravinder Lall, Head of Product, Snowfall

17:50 – 18:00 – Closing remarks

Andrew Ellis, CEO, NatWest Boxed

18:00 – 19:30 – Drinks reception

Post-event report

Over the last couple of years embedded finance has evolved from being an initial concept to a proven strategy, transforming how financial services are delivered and consumed as part of our everyday lives. From the way in which we purchase our daily cup of coffee to socialised payments, the opportunity to improve the way customers interact with their favourite platforms and brands is vast.

To explore this topic, NatWest Boxed and VC Innovations, the architects of Fintech Talents, brought together a unique and diverse community at an exclusive event in London to discuss the questions on everyone’s lips including how to create an embedded finance strategy, the value of great customer experience and how effective partnerships are the key to success.

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