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Managing the complexity of embedded finance with flexibility at The Bank of London

Tam Holmes, Chief Commercial Officer at The Bank of London has many years experience at the confluence of banking and technology. Given the Bank of London’s unique business model (they don’t lend, leverage, or invest client funds) and their embedded finance offering, that experience puts him in good stead at the UK’s fastest growing bank.

Tam shared more about how The Bank of London can simplify embedded banking at FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps Europe. They offer their products though an API, which allows them to manage the complexity of regulation, connectivity to payments schemes and the technology. Their clients can then focus on the aspects of the products they want to manage themselves.

In addition, there are different operating models that can be added on top of those APIs as suits their clients needs and capabilities. In essence, clients can choose the right split that works for them when it comes to managing the products and in line with their business strategy.

Looking ahead, embedded finance creates a lot exciting opportunities to create better products and services and meet the needs of diverse groups of end users. Listen to the full interview below to hear more from Tam on some of what he thinks is on the horizon.

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