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Talking about a low code revolution with Mendix

Menno Odijk, Field CTO from Mendix sat down with us at FTT Embedded Finance Super Apps Europe and shared his views on what he sees as the revolutionary impact of low code. The Mendix low code platform allows  customers to build applications at speed and at a much lower cost than traditional tools.

Why is low code so revolutionary? It allows a business to participate in the construction of software applications and that is really changing how that software is being built. It makes possible a growing number of use cases  than previously and is democratising software development. It is a more collaborative process and enables a business to easily include external partners in the process.

Listen to the full interview below to understand more about the impact of low code and how it enabled one of their partners, Proximus, a Belgian Telco, to build a Super App that delivered great outcomes for their users.


There is so much to explore in embedded finance, from the technologies enabling change (like the Mendix low code platform) to the growing number of use cases. And there is no better place to do that than on the FTT Embedded Finance Stage at the Fintech Talents Festival this 11 & 12 November.