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Embedded finance, engagement and the reward of customer loyalty

photo of Ollie Marshall, MD, Maplin for Video Interview

At a recent event looking at the next generation of embedded finance, powered by NatWest Boxed, we caught up with Ollie Marshall, MD of Maplin.

He shared the perspective of a retailer operating in a challenging economic context. Maplin, like other retailers, are thinking a lot about cost and profitability. A key part of that cost consideration are payments transaction fees.

Embedded finance is about customer convenience but also finding new payment methods that can lower the cost. That means exploring alternatives to the traditional payments rails.

Profitability, as Ollie notes, is underpinned by customer loyalty. Greater loyalty means getting customers to keep returning to them  in what is a very competitive space (electronics). Thinking about how to do that beyond the traditional points schemes is a really important part of their customer strategy.

Learn more about how Maplin is leveraging embedded finance to achieve greater customer engagement. Find out how that can deliver better outcomes whilst winning the hearts, minds (and greater wallet share) of customers in the process, by listening to the full interview below.

As Ollie notes, some of the benefits of participating in a great event are learning about what is going on the industry and taking that knowledge to help drive the success of the business.

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