Embedded finance

The end of a series: What brands need to know about embedded finance
Over the previous four episodes of our video series, A beginner’s guide for brands: What...
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Cross border payments: A big challenge with an embedded solution
It has landed - episode three of a Beginner’s guide for brands: What is embedded...
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Embedded finance: how big is big?
In episode two of our new video series, A beginners guide for brands: What is...
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Should BaaS Change Its Stripes?
" We get around together, we down forever, And we won't get mad when caught...
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It’s all about the BaaS
It’s all about the BaaS Welcome the first in our new video series, powered by...
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John Possumato FTT Chat Embedded Finance & Super-Apps Thumbnail
Starbucks: Banking & Serving Coffee
To most people, Starbucks is a cafe that serves coffee, food and snacks. But this...
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