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The embedded finance journey with Currys

We caught up with Josh Fabian-Miller, Managing Director – Credit, Currys, at the recent Unboxing the next generation of embedded finance, held in partnership with NatWest Boxed

He shared how Currys are on a journey that moves them from simply selling goods, to providing a full range of related services. That means adding a host of additional offerings around the products they provide. Embedding financial services is part of that strategic consideration of the full customer lifecycle.

He notes, as a retailer, they are not experts in financial services. They rely on the expertise of partners to help them deliver those services safely and compliantly. What they do understand, however, is how they can add value to their customers.

Listen to the full interview below the learn more about how this innovative retailer is thinking about meeting a broader spectrum of customer needs.


You can meet the NatWest Boxed team at the upcoming Fintech Talents Festival on the 13/14 November in London. You will also find Currys and an impressive range of non-financial providers exploring how embedded finance can deliver on their aspirations to provider greater value to customers.