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It’s all about the BaaS

Welcome the first in our new video series, powered by Finastra, in which we explore embedded finance. The idea is to take a look at what is really meant by ‘embedded finance’ and, in particular, what it means for non-financial brands. In other words, we keep things simple and, hopefully, jargon free.

In my conversation with Radha Suvarna, Head & Chief Product Officer, BaaS/Embedded Finance, Finastra, he shines a light on the difference between BaaS and embedded finance, which are often used interchangeably.

We also touch on the benefit for brands that comes from embedded finance. Ultimately, it is about delivering greater value to their customers or end-users. In turn, that builds greater value for the distributor’s businesses.

With a growing range of distributors and other enablers across the ecosystem, we also pick up on some key questions – where do banks sit in this fast-changing value chain? Where do they stand to gain (or lose)? Listen to the full video to hear more, including some key use cases.

Did you miss our ebook, A beginner’s guide for brands: What is embedded finance, download a copy now.

Join us, and Finastra, at the next edition of FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps on 16th May as we bring together a large community of financial services providers, distributors and other enablers to explore embedded finance and take a deep dive into the wide range of opportunities for this growing ecosystem.


About the author

  • Lisa Moyle
    Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations

    Lisa Moyle is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at VC Innovations. Previously, she was director of strategy, fintech, at Informa where she established and led a portfolio of global fintech events and activity. She also worked at techUK, where she was head of the Financial Services and Payments programme and contributed to a broad range of policy initiatives in support of financial services innovation.