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Embedded Finance: A modern rendition of 15th century innovation

Paul Staples, Group Head of Embedded Banking at ClearBank, sat down with us at FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps in May to share some of his thoughts on embedded banking and embedded finance and the mission of ClearBank.

He started by taking us back to the 14oos and the strategy of of the Medici family to pinpoint the birth of embedded banking. They put the Medici Bank in the middle of the marketplace where it was needed. Things have moved on since then but the principle remains the same, offering financial services at the point of need and providing innovative financial products.

Listen to the full interview below for a fascinating look at the evolution of embedded finance and for an example of what Paul sees as a very effective partnership and why it worked so well.  He also gives us a sense of the broad range of partners that are in scope and the future direction of travel.

Embedded finance is growing and changing quickly. The FTT Embedded Finance Stage at the Fintech Talents Festival (on the 11 & 12 of November in London)  is the place to find insight, explore new use cases, hear from the players putting together the effective partnerships that Paul mentions  and chart your own embedded finance strategy.

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  • Lisa Moyle
    Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations

    Lisa Moyle is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at VC Innovations. Previously, she was director of strategy, fintech, at Informa where she established and led a portfolio of global fintech events and activity. She also worked at techUK, where she was head of the Financial Services and Payments programme and contributed to a broad range of policy initiatives in support of financial services innovation.