FTT Embedded Finance


We recently hosted FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps, a live event exploring the technologies, innovations and trends re-defining the future of how financial services are crafted and distributed. A huge community of leading innovative retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions, insurers, telcos, fintechs and tech providers came together, offering a unique diversity of viewpoints on embedded finance across different verticals. 

Lisa Moyle, our Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, took the opportunity to interview Matti Rusila, Director and Head of Product at Enfuce. Matti focuses on the value Enfuce provides to customers’ problems. 

Established in 2016, Enfuce is a modern card processing and issuing company offering payment and open banking services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. By merging industry expertise, technology, and compliance, the company delivers long-term and scalable solutions that are fast and secure. Enfuce employs 100+ driven professionals in the Nordics and has close to 16 million end-users on its platform. 

In this exclusive interview, Matti and Lisa explore the opportunity for embedded payments, discussing industry opportunities and needs, and how Enfuce is helping to solve the problem. 

Embedded finance to me is about removing friction. For example, if your company uses an external company to process payments, embedded finance would be the way to bring this into your service, and just remove that painful interaction of paying outside your real service.” 

But what are the benefits for non-financial brands when delivering to their customers or end-users? Matti thinks that there are plenty: “The obvious one is that customers will be happier as you are removing the friction, but for the companies that are embedding the service, it increases the stickiness of their customers.”  

He adds, “Your customers will be using your services more often and the customer journey doesn’t get interrupted when they go into another service, like taking a loan or simply accepting a payment.” Matti explains that this also means those companies will benefit from opening up new revenue streams.  

To learn more about embedded payments, customer experience, and Enfuce, watch the video below: 

The next edition of FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps will take place at the Grand Hyatt at SFO, San Francisco, on December 1st, 2022 (North America) and live as part of the Fintech Talents Festival on 14th and 15th November 2022 (Europe) at The Brewery, London. Save the dates!