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We are all fintech now

Is every company becoming a fintech by means of innovation and development in embedded finance business models? What does it take for non-financial enterprises to offer and deliver financial services to end-customers?

FTT Embedded Finance North America presented a compelling fireside chat with Melanie Hardin,  Innovation Principal at Verizon and moderated by Mary Wisniewski, Banking Editor and FinTech Features Reporter at Bankrate.com.

Hear from these industry leaders and learn more about what it means to provide seamless financial services. Explore new revenue opportunities from embedded fintech and understand how to adapt your business model to meet your customer’s needs and deliver value.

Watch the full video below.

We already have a save the date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow on the disruptive community we have brought together. If you are interested in the UK and Europe market, check our FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe.