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Marqeta Keynote – Evolution or revolution: A payments journey

Embedded Finance

What does the emergence of embedded finance mean for technology innovators, financial service providers, and non-financial businesses? FTT Embedded Finance North America included an impressive fireside chat with an embedded finance pioneer, Jason Gardner, CEO of Marqeta and Simon Torrance, CEO of Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies and Executive Working Group Member at World Economic Forum. 

It is a fascinating discussion on the problems that embedded finance seeks to address at scale, highlighting case studies on how Marqeta has enabled innovative brands such as Uber, Instacart and DoorDash  to integrate financial services into their products/services. Simon and Jason analyse what has supported the growth of embedded finance (hint – platforms & APIs) and how it makes customers lives easier.  

Take the opportunity to learn more about the evolution of embedded finance and how it can create a significant competitive advantage for those that get it right. Is Marqeta the Twillio for cards? What inspired the creation of Marqeta?  Watch the full video below.  

We already have a date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow this disruptive community. If you are interested in the UK and European market, check our FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe 

Watch the full video below.

We already have a save the date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow on the disruptive community we have brought together. If you are interested in the UK and Europe market, check our FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe.