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The customizable bank: Accelerate growth & elevate experience

Embedded Finance

To better prepare for the future, forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on their greatest asset – customer data – to better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences.

As the biggest banks move rapidly to deliver personalized experience, 83% of super regional and regional banks are also using third-party vendor solutions in order to deliver delightful experiences by combining third-party capabilities with analytics capabilities and models to distribute differentiated financial products at scale with greater efficiency.

FTT Embedded Finance North America presented an impressive fireside chat with Michael Haney (Head of Digital Core at Technysis) and Lisa Moyle (Director of Strategy at VC Innovations).

Tune in as we discuss how forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on next-gen digital banking innovations to: Reach 86% of customers via self-service channels, achieve 54% growth in sales, deliver meaningful recommendations to customers in real time and rapidly create new financial products, while reducing cost.

Watch the full video below.

We already have a save the date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow on the disruptive community we have brought together. If you are interested in the UK and Europe market, check our FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe.