FTT Embedded Finance


We recently hosted FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps, a live event exploring the technologies, innovations and trends re-defining the future of how financial services are crafted and distributed. A huge community of innovators and industry leaders, including retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions, insurers, telcos, fintechs and tech providers came together, offering a unique diversity of viewpoints on embedded finance across different verticals. 

Lisa Moyle, our Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, took the opportunity to interview Michael Stemmle, CEO of additiv AG, a leading SaaS and embedded finance WealthTech provider. The company partners with the world’s leading brands and financial institutions providing them with the intelligence to enhance their customer engagement and unleash growth.  

In this exclusive interview, Michael and Lisa explore the opportunity for embedded wealth management, discussing needs from both the demand and supply side, and how the additiv platform is helping to solve the problem. 

We started to realize that the way the financial services industry is reaching out to clients is somehow very old-fashioned,” Michael comments on being an early fintech player focusing on wealth management. “So, we started to believe that platform strategies or a flexible sourcing and new operating model is needed. 

When looking at the scale of the opportunity for embedded wealth management, Michael has a clear view: “When we look at society, one of the biggest problems we have is the pension gap, aging population, and accessibility of sophisticated investment solutions.” He adds “The opportunity is a multi-trillion USD one, where you can address now segments and markets that haven’t been addressed yet, and you can address them from where it matters the most, easing that journey for the end user. 

Michael highlights that the three main scenarios leading to demand for embedded wealth management are, “Businesses who want to renovate their existing models, IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) that can offer a more sophisticated service to their clients and address new revenue streams, or existing financial service providers that do not yet have a wealth management offering in place.” 

Michael explains that additiv solve these challenges by helping the supply and demand sides to partner together, enabling embedders to embed services into suppliers’ propositions. Michael noted that he sees a lot of potential in Super-Apps.  

To learn more about embedded wealth management and additiv, watch the video below:

The next edition of FTT Embedded Finance & Super Apps will take place December 1st 2022, San Francisco (North America) and live as part of the Fintech Talents Festival on 14th and 15th November 2022 at The Brewery, London. Save the dates!