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More great content from FTT Embedded Finance North America, with Kevin Doerr, Chief Product Officer at Marqeta and Will Reeves, Co-Founder and CEO at Fold.

Listen in for a case study which explores embedding digital currencies with payments and integrating bitcoin into the wider ecosystem. Starting with rewards, Fold created a product that has introduced bitcoin to a wider group of consumers. By creating an easier ‘entry point’, they have found a way to reach a new and diverse set of consumers. The particular circumstances of the pandemic, coupled with the macroeconomic environment, created a fertile environment to expand the uptake of digital currencies.

Is bitcoin the coca cola of digital currencies? Want to learn more about the lightening network?

Watch the full video below.

We already have a save the date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow on the disruptive community we have brought together. If you are interested in the UK and Europe market, check our FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe.