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The Future of Financial Services is Everywhere

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Embedded Finance has been deemed the $7 trillion dollar opportunity. It is a step change in the evolution of the financial services industry. It opens up a whole new world of potential non-financial providers, where financial services can be embedded in a seemingly limitless range of activities.   

Meeting customers where they are – whether that is at the time of a purchase to offer relevant financial products or perhaps to enable access to financial products to the currently underserved or excluded. The opportunities offered by embedded finance are vast and will bring new and profound changes to an already fast changing industry.  

Our latest Vox Pop report captures the views of senior industry leaders as they share how they view the opportunity of embedded finance and what happens when the Future of Financial Services is Everywhere.  

Insightful observations from:

  • Unmesh Pai, Vice President, Software Development – Financial Service Global Business Unit (FSGBU), Oracle
  • Michael Anyfantakis, Chief Architect, Capital One
  • Salman Syed, SVP/GM, North America, Marqeta
  • Amy Young, Industry Digital Strategist, FSI, Microsoft 
  • Jason Hogg, Executive Vice President, Acima

Download the report and hear directly from the change-makers about: 

  • The scale of the opportunity 
  • Driving customer value 
  • The industry players positioned to gain the most from Embedded Finance 
  • The tools and technologies shifting the borders of financial services 
  • The new and emergent partnerships developing across the ecosystem and beyond 
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