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It all starts with a payment

Embedded Finance

At FTT Embedded Finance North America, we were joined by an impressive group of industry leaders to explore the topic of embedded payments.

Industry practitioners Kothai Senthil , Vice President, Head of Payments, Albertsons, David Tax, Senior Manager, Payments Strategy and Innovation, TD Bank, Matteo Gamba, Product Lead Payments, Wayfair and Manash Bhattacharjee, Head of Product, ecommerce, PepsiCo and led by panel moderator, Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal , 154 Advisors, discussed  approaches to integrating payments so as to create a seamless customer journey. They explored the ways in which to strategically embed payments into products and services, utilising the CRM to enhance the customer experience. The panel  also discussed the significant changes in customer expectations and behaviour and the acceleration driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the full keynote below.

We already have the date for next year’s FTT Embedded Finance North America (September 21st, 2022) and look forward to continuing to grow this exciting and disruptive community. If you are interested in the UK and Europe market, check  FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe which will run as part of the Fintech Talents Festival on the 15 & 16 November.