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Countdown to the festival: Alex Reddish from Tribe Payments

Embedded Finance

Alex Reddish, Managing Director, Tribe Payments 

Lisa Moyle, Director of Strategy, VC Innovations 

What do Tribe Payments, embedded finance and cocktails have in common?  They will all feature at the Fintech Talents Festival. 

Alex Reddish shares his vision on what it means to say everyone is a fintech now. As he notes, there is a growing understanding of the value of the financial services element of the core product or service a non-financial enterprise is offering. 

Hear more from Tribe by listening to the full video below and find out what they mean by Emotional Banking and, crucially, if Alex is indeed handy with a cocktail shaker at the Fintech Talents Festival on the 15/16 November at the Brewery in London.