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Payments – The Gateway to Consumer Confidence – FTT Chat Episode 39

Matt Cockayne, Chief Commercial Officer at Yapily, joins us for our ongoing series – FTT Chats – where we sit down with the great and the good of FinTech to discuss innovation, new entrants, and emerging technologies.

Open Finance and Open Banking featured prominently in our discussion as Cockayne noted the role that Payments play as the gateway to consumer confidence and, therefore, further adoption. As both providers and end-users benefit, the incentives are pulling in the right direction. This drives growing confidence and, as a result, spills over to a broader range of use cases.

Open Finance, as Cockayne outlines, is no longer a nice to have, but a need to have. It may not be a panacea for all of the woes of the financial services industry but it is fundamental transformational capability … and is fundamental to embedded finance.

Being a fast follower is not an option either – so tune in and listen to the full interview to learn more about how to deploy open finance and the ability for ‘quick wins’.

Matt Cockayne and his colleagues will be joining us for FTT Virtual Open Finance and have a lot of experience and expertise to share. Payments, identity, lending – the opportunities for Open Finance are vast and evolving rapidly.