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Introducing Customer Alpha

Technology has revolutionised how we interact with brands, both on and offline.

With the pandemic only accelerating innovation in the fast-moving world of eCommerce, business’ must adapt to keep pace with the evolving demands of their customers. Understanding just how to do so however, can prove tricky. There’s no need to fret though – that’s where Customer Alpha can help.

From leveraging customer data to better inform product development to learning what changes you must make to achieve a truly seamless customer experience online, Customer Alpha is a brand-new event dedicated to divulging the insights retailers, marketplaces, platforms, and more need to innovate their business model and create better outcomes for their customers.

Take a look at some key themes we’ll be exploring below:

Evolving Customer Behaviour

The consumer landscape has undergone undeniable transformation in the past few decades. Brands have access to reams of information on how consumer behaviour is evolving and all roads point to an increased appetite for convenience and frictionless interaction with businesses.

Using this insight to inform your customer journey design can fast-track your way to more loyal customers and higher revenue potential! Uncover the tips and tricks you must understand to do so at Customer Alpha.

How the Power of Technology is Transforming Payments

The abandonment of purchases at checkout accounts for a staggering loss in revenue for a multitude of online vendors. Customers are demanding increasingly seamless checkout experiences and any time-consuming identity or finance related requirements at the end of their customer journey can prove catastrophic to purchase completion.

To clawback the collective sum of money inevitably lost to the perils of a poorly managed customer journey, brands must innovate their checkout process’. From leveraging one click payment options to simply expanding the variety of payment methods accepted, Customer Alpha will analyse the latest trends in the payments universe to illustrate what exactly you must do, to truly innovate at checkout.

Uncovering Digital Wallets, Budget Management Tools & More

Now, more than ever before, customers are looking to interact with brands from a plethora of different angles. The opportunity for businesses to engage customers at multiple touchpoints, with multiple products, is ripe for the picking.

From digital wallets to creative wealth management tools, the universe of products you can provide your customers is rapidly expanding. The only rule for a successful product diversification strategy is that the customer remains at the heart of innovation.

Harnessing the Power of Customer Data

It’s no secret that customer data holds the key to winning the hearts, minds and lion’s share of customer wallet.

Paying close attention to how your customers engage with your brand at all points of the customer journey can help you gain a competitive advantage and increase brand loyalty through facilitation of a personalised customer experience and much more.

Just how can you practically utilize real customer data to achieve this, however? Join our expert-led speaker faculty to understand the intricacies of creating and implementing an actionable step by step plan which enables your business to capitalize on the opportunity customer data presents, ultimately maximizing your revenue opportunity.

The above is just a snippet of the topics we’ll be exploring at Customer Alpha.

If you want to know more about just how customer behaviour is evolving and informing the strategies, products and processes that will attract, retain, and better serve the current and next generation of customers, watch this space! There’s more to come.

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