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Bitcoins, stablecoins and [meme] coins  

Embedded Finance

There are many ways in which this panel embodied the spirit of 2021. The topic, of course, had been grabbing headlines across the year. Our panellists faced issues with travel, positive Covid tests and remote working challenges. In other words, de rigueur for the times. 

Last minute changes, however, didn’t diminish the quality of the conversation (thank you to Brendan Gilmore and Oliver Oram for stepping in) and with an audience that was there to learn (by show of hands), the speakers certainly delivered.  Given the rapid pace of change over the past few years, the overview on changes in the regulatory landscape and products/ecosystem was a useful starting point. 

As was noted by one of the participants, indictive of the rapid growth was the backlog in getting crypto service providers registered by the regulator.  Previously unregulated activity is clearly moving into the regulatory net.  

Want to know your stablecoins from your meme coins? Wondering about the connection between blockchain and wine? Is the Bank of Wine the future? Want to understand the drivers behind this rapid growth in both use and use cases? Is this the moment where crypto makes the move into the mainstream? How do you strike the right balance between the ‘can’ and the ‘should’ when it comes to crypto? 

This is a complex and fast-moving space. Have a listen to the full conversation to start speeding along the learning curve.